Thursday, July 14, 2005

The parallelogram has nothing on the cruise missile...

-Bizarre, but interesting show about siege machines was on tv. One looked remarkably like a slow-moving parallelogram. I think it was from the first World War. The show seemed to be outlining a history of siege machines, and was working it's way up to current weapons. The cruise missile seemed to be the endpoint; almost nothing will foil them. Yeah, like the poor parallelogram stands a chance against a cruise missile- sheesh, fight fair already! The "punkin chunkin' " was entertaining, though... who wouldn't enjpy watching pumpkins getting launched hundreds of feet in the air from giant cannons and trebuchets?

-Even though I am not much of a bike rider, we're totally engrossed in watching the Tour de France. I'm not sure who I'm rooting for this year. I really liked Richard Virenque last year; the title of "King of the Mountains" and the accompanying polka-dot jersey is pretty cool. Michael Rasmussen has that title so far this year, as well as being 2nd in the General Classification by only 38 seconds- guess I'm rooting for him. I also am watching Thomas Voeckler- he stood out to me last year. Jan Ullrich as well- gotta feel for him, riding against Lance Armstrong all these years, and not beating him. I think I watch it for the scenery as much as anything; I'd love to visit France. I guess it's also something that my brother gets excited about, and it's fun to discuss it with him- especially when he's at work and calling me to see if I'm watching it so I can update him on what's happening and how exciting it is. Vive la France on this Bastille Day...

-It's amazing how the simplest things can mean so much to a kid. My oldest daughter had a couple of friends stop by tonight, and I brought out popsicles for the kids as a treat, because it was pretty muggy out. I gave my toddlers an ice cream sandwich; one went for it, the other didn't. She wanted a popsicle like the big kids. I relented, brought out more popsicles, and the twins treasured them, while covering themselves with the sticky melt-off. Makes me think I should relent more often. It doesn't matter if they get messy- if they truly get so much pleasure out of something as simple as a popsicle... what does it hurt?

-I'm still trying to get the hang of writing this; I haven't really written, except on message boards, since college (which has been a while). My husband's prolific and wonderful blog gave me inspiration to try it myself. I'm still trying to get more energy to think of things to write about, and time to write them. Having a baby really takes a bit to get back to where you were before. You get used to uninterrupted sleep, so when you go back to night-feedings and diaper changes, it kinda screws with you. Can't complain too much; he's a cuddly little guy.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Jumping in with both feet...

- Here's a major rant of the evening; the results of the show "Dancing with the Stars". Yes, I admit watching the cheesy show. I'm a sucker for ballroom dancing, ice skating, and the like when I come across it on television. We were rooting for John O'Hurley- he was incredibly entertaining, and seemed to really get into the spirit of the show. After great dances, he lost to Kelly Monaco, who danced somewhat woodenly, save the ever-present tush jiggle that seemed to be her trademark. Seems like ABC stacked it in her favor; after all, she is on one of their shows. Oh well; life goes on, albeit with a new respect for John O'Hurley.

- Ever notice how it seems that around the 4th of July kids feel the need to continually light firecrackers? The kids in our neighborhood have a nasty compulsion to set them off just as we're putting our kids to bed. It annoys me to no end. The 4th is over- stop it already !

- Along the same lines- why is it that the trash truck comes with all its' noise right at naptime ? Is it a vast conspiracy to disturb the sleep of increasingly tired and whiny toddlers ?

- Seems I'm full of rants tonight; I'm not really. I'm just getting to the time of night when my newborn power-feeds before passing out for the night. It's rather tiring to have a baby rooting around like a little wild boar on you to eat, eat, eat all evening. I am grateful that he doesn't do this through the middle of the night, but it does wear me out. This too shall pass.