Monday, October 03, 2005

"The Ship of Death had a new captain..."

The thing about the movie "Nosferatu", and silent movies in general- they're infinitely quotable. For some reason, it's easier for me to remember quotes I've read, instead of just heard. I saw that "Nosferatu" was on tonight; TCM does silent movies on Sunday nights. Having never seen it, I had to watch. I love the color changes in scenes, and the orchestrated music is great. Not too scary, by today's standards, but I bet it scared the pants off of film-goers in the 1920's. Too cool! And gets me in the mood for Halloween! It's October at last!

Now, what the hell is Nosferatu doing carrying his own coffin around the idyllic village? Can't his minions lend him a hand? Or are they all rats now, or locked in the loony bin? Sheesh- give an undead dude some help! He needs to sleep the deepest sleep already!

Project updates- Working on overextending myself again- no big surprise there.
*Swatches for class- One has 2" to go, the 2 others should be knit soon after. Highest priority for now.
*Umm, other knitting projects... umm, yeah, okay. Will return to scheduled programming soon, after swatches done.
*New project- Halloween costumes for the kids. Materials purchased, simple ideas, easy to execute. One Minnie Mouse- requiring ears, a bow, and fabric painting polka dots on a skirt. Two Care Bears- requiring bearish hats made, tummy designs for sweatshirts. Baby outfit- haven't decided yet, but will soon.

"But she could not resist it's strange- and mysterious temptation." Yeah, like more ideas to make. I went to an Arts show today, and saw all sorts of cool projects that seemed totally doable. If only I had the time, money and energy. If I could budget my time better, I think I could accomplish much more. At least my kids are happy, healthy kids- that's my main goal right now. Someday I'll get off my duff and pound out some art, damn it!

"He strangled him- the Vampire!" Oh yeah, it's Angry Mob time! Dude, you knew it was going to happen. It happens to all the crazy bloodthirsty creeps. Look at Frankenstein, and The Beast. Run, Knock (Renfrew), Run! Mobs are never well organized; guess that's something about angry villagers in general. They just trashed an innocent scarecrow in their search for revenge. What did that Scarecrow do to them? Request a brain?

Why does Nosferatu have rodent teeth? Does it have something to do with all the rats that came off of the aforementioned Ship of Death? Kinda ruined the climax of the movie for me. Why be afraid of a big rodent? Is it going to knaw you to death? I don't know; just not creepy enough.

Yep, the happy village is once again out from under the shadow of the Bird of Death. Lucky them.

Totally dig the silent movies though- they're great to watch. We've watched "The Phantom of the Opera" and "Ben-Hur" in the recent past. "King-Kong" had awesome music, and is of course iconic. How fun late on a Sunday night!

I never realized that the actor who played Nosferatu was Max Schreck. Max Schreck was the name of Christopher Walken's character in the second Batman movie. Coincidence- doubtful. Very cool homage, though.

I must sleep the deepest sleep, else my eldest will be late to school.


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