Monday, September 26, 2005

Whoops! Got off track...

Well, so much for my disciplined writing! Last week was busy, with a sick kid thrown in, so writing took a definite back seat to daily life. Life has a way of doing that to you.

Anyway, fall weather does seem to be here now, for the most part. Cool and cloudy today, with a light mist/ heavy sprinkling this morning while walking Sophie to school. Just lovely! We took the kids to a farm market on Saturday. We got apples and apple cider, and let each girl pick out a squash. We had a snack of popcorn and cider on the drive home, and made squash soup for supper. Warm soup and crusty bread for supper- the perfect fall meal for me! I also made some oatmeal cookies with chocolate-caramel chips- mmm!

My husband thought that Saturday was the perfect fall day. We'd had a lovely breakfast of eggs, hash browns and bacon, had a great outing with the crew, a good supper, and a great football game on TV. Go Badgers! Even though he's an alum of Michigan, we cheer for Wisconsin, seeing as we live here and he teaches there. Close games are the best! Especially when your team wins!

Projects- Ah yes, projects. Well, the Manos pillowtop is about 6"-7" so far; I'm going to knit it until I use up two skeins. It's mindless knitting, just need to do it. A complication has arisen though- more knitting classes! They don't start for a few weeks, but one has homework before class meets, so it takes precendence over the pillowtop.
*Class 1- a felted scuff class. Yippee! More felting! I get to knit scuffs in the round on #11 DPNs- we'll see how that goes. Then it's all about the felting and embellishing- looks to be fun, judging by the great sample in the shop.
*Class 2- Shibori felting. Yep, yet more felting. This class needs three 8" x 10" stockinette swatches for the class. It's a class using a unique felting technique that ends up with three-dimensional fabrics. Sounds cool enough. I'm doing the swatches in three color combinations- dark brown/dark olive, dark brown/pumpkin orange, pumpkin orange/dark olive. I had the yarn already, so no expense there.

I'm taking another felting class in November- wacky felting. It's taught by one of the owners of the shop, and I've wanted to take it for a while. Can't wait!

I broke my rule of not buying more yearn before I got some projects done- I couldn't resist it. Darn shop, getting more luscious yarn in every time I look. Anyway, I got yarn to make a scarf. A rusty dark orange, to go with a somewhat variegated mohair, in yellows and oranges with some flecks of other colors. It'll be a quick knit AFTER my homework is done. Promise!

Well, need to think about getting the crew ready for school pick-up. Takes a little to get them shoed, strollered, front-packed and happy. Better get started!


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