Sunday, November 27, 2005

Even less writing....

Yeah, sorry about that. Knitting has sucked all free time away. Good and bad. More projects completed, other things neglected- reading, cleaning, sleeping...

Thanksgiving was quiet. It was just the 6 of us, a fine turkey, and tons of wine. Oh yeah, good times.

Kids are great- grandparents coming to visit this week.

*Wacky felting- G-Dub hat knitted, felted, and cute! It's blue and green with eyelash trim. A cute green caterpillar made of i-cord and eyelash is crawling up the hat. It's too cute! Almost felted it too small though- oops!
*More hats- Two felted hats for the girls- pink and purple with sparkly eyelash. One half-way done already.
*Knit basketweave headband/ ear warmer for Soph. Quick and cute!
*Knit brown and gold stocking hat for nephew- done in one day- wowza!
*More projects to come...

December's almost here. The weather is turning colder, and we've already had snow. Brrr! Kids love it though.

I'm hosting the playgroup Wednesday, so cleaning must happen. Tomorrow.