Monday, October 24, 2005

Busy times, cool temps...

Fall is here for sure; cold, wet wind, cloudy skies, and lots of leaves to rake. Our tree turned all of a sudden last week, and is dropping leaves at a rapid rate, with the help of a strong breeze and scattered rain over the weekend.

Yep, last week was really busy for me. School, skating, and soccer for Sophie- I'd be exhausted if I were that kid. Playgroup hosting for me- mad housecleaning on Tuesday. A great playgroup experience on Wednesday; happy kids, happy moms. And Friday night, a surprise weekend guest. My brother got stuck in Milwaukee over the weekend, so he came over and spent a good weekend with us. I tried to outdo myself cooking this week. I made lentil soup for the playgroup moms, a curried chicken and rice soup for John on Thursday, a breakfast of scrambled eggs with veggies, bacon, potato pancakes and coffee Saturday morning, Beer Cheese soup and brownies for supper on Saturday, and Sunday's brunch to beat all brunches; a veggie and cheese souffle with potato pancake and ham steak- mmmmm!

Project updates:
*Swatches for Shibori felting- done and felted, now drying. It's a cool technique where you bind off bits of your knitting by either stitching, wrapping thread around, or putting a washable object in and wrapping. Then you felt it, and when it dries you wind up with a spider web effect, bobbles, or a 3-D netlike effect. It looks really cool now, and I can't wait to see it when it's totally dried. I think the bobbles are my favorite.
*Felted scuffs- One finished, one half-done, both to be felted. I'm thinking of doing some shibori bobbles on them; not positive yet. I might just decorate them with cool buttons or ribbon after they're felted. Guess I'll decide soon!
*Halloween costumes- Two Care Bear shirts made, two bear hats to go. One skirt to polka-dot- I think I'm going to find white dot stickers and do it that way. Much faster! Hope they'll all be cute!
*New projects- felted scarf, knit scarf, hats... and the old ones remain as well- felted pillowtop, sewn pillows

This week looks to be busy as well- Harvest Festival at the school tomorrow, no school the rest of the week, parents coming to visit- yay!, Halloween party Wednesday, haircuts for girls Thursday, a few dates! It'll go be so quickly! And then it's November- where has the time gone?


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