Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Jumping in with both feet...

- Here's a major rant of the evening; the results of the show "Dancing with the Stars". Yes, I admit watching the cheesy show. I'm a sucker for ballroom dancing, ice skating, and the like when I come across it on television. We were rooting for John O'Hurley- he was incredibly entertaining, and seemed to really get into the spirit of the show. After great dances, he lost to Kelly Monaco, who danced somewhat woodenly, save the ever-present tush jiggle that seemed to be her trademark. Seems like ABC stacked it in her favor; after all, she is on one of their shows. Oh well; life goes on, albeit with a new respect for John O'Hurley.

- Ever notice how it seems that around the 4th of July kids feel the need to continually light firecrackers? The kids in our neighborhood have a nasty compulsion to set them off just as we're putting our kids to bed. It annoys me to no end. The 4th is over- stop it already !

- Along the same lines- why is it that the trash truck comes with all its' noise right at naptime ? Is it a vast conspiracy to disturb the sleep of increasingly tired and whiny toddlers ?

- Seems I'm full of rants tonight; I'm not really. I'm just getting to the time of night when my newborn power-feeds before passing out for the night. It's rather tiring to have a baby rooting around like a little wild boar on you to eat, eat, eat all evening. I am grateful that he doesn't do this through the middle of the night, but it does wear me out. This too shall pass.