Saturday, September 10, 2005

Football season- yes! Football weather- no!

College football season is definitely here- too bad the weather isn't! We've been getting into college football more every year it seems. I currently have the K-State/Marshall game on. At halftime K-State is ahead, 21-13. Gotta root for K-State; we are alumni after all. It'd be nice for them to have a winning season this year. We also root for Michigan- they'd better beat Notre Dame today- and Wisconsin- Go Badgers! We used to not like the Big Ten conference, but after my husband became an alumnus of Michigan, and employed by Wisconsin, it's easy to change some loyalty over. We'll never cheer on Ohio State though- Texas had better win that game tonight.

More sports news- The Ironman Wisconsin is tomorrow. It's supposed to be pretty hot for it though. I'm going to try to get up early to go watch the swim portion- we'll see if that happens. If nothing else I know I'll see the bike portion- it goes through my town just 2 blocks away. Two years ago my brother and I volunteered to work the bike portion. We wound up handing out GU packets for hours on an unseasonably hot September day- it was like 97 degrees that day. It was a lot of fun, but wore us out being in the hot sun all day.

Project updates- yeah, right! I had the desire this morning to knit. The smell of coffee, warm cinnamon-pecan pancakes for breakfast, the perfect fall feel to knit with wool.... until a glance outside at the hot sun, wilting plants, and the hum of the air-conditioning brought me back into reality. It might SEEM like fall, but doesn't FEEL like it yet. Maybe I'll work on the butterfly hat tonight as I root for Texas to beat Ohio State. It's a superwash, soft wool- doesn't feel as wintry to me, and the colors are positively spring-like, so maybe I'll overcome the heat of the day and get it started.

Anyway, things to do off-line- must get started.


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