Thursday, September 08, 2005

Another birthday passes by...

Tuesday was my birthday. Not a milestone birthday, but pleasant nonetheless. My husband took us out for Mexican food and margaritas- yum! Chocolate cake, and my week is complete.

School is turning out to be great for my daughter. She's already made several friends, and loves having something to do most of the day. I love having her out of my hair and occupied by others. Her sisters play better with each other when she's gone, so there are less fights, and more quiet times. Good for everyone all around.

Project updates-

*Felted pillow top- on the needles. I've gotten about 2' knit so far. With the margaritas on Tuesday, too much wine on Monday, and recovery from both yesterday, I haven't gotten very far. I already love the color variation that the "Woodland" Manos gives- it is so pretty!

*Butterfly hat- not started yet. I need to cast on and get it started. It looks to be a pretty fast knit, so I need to do it. There's other hats I want to make for the rest of my kids, so if I complete one that makes me so much closer.

*Couch pillows- not sewn yet. Got to get that machine out!

*Felted fall bag- I have all the yarn, and felted a test swatch. I just need to cast on and start. I'd like to do the pillow and hat first, so this has been moved back in priority.

Today is overcast and cool- a feel of Fall in the air. Makes me want soup for supper. I should peruse my cookbooks and choose a soup to have simmering when my husband gets home from work. Maybe corn chowder- I have some ears or corn that need to be used. Maybe I'll take the kids to the store when we pick up oldest from school- that'll charge them up.

Mmmm- warm soup, crusty bread, and chocolate cake. A little slice of heaven.


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