Monday, September 12, 2005

Fall starts when?

Ugh- this heat is gross! I'm so looking forward to at least our normal weather. Low 70's would be much preferred to this low 90's crap we've been having. I felt bad for all the athletes competing in the Ironman yesterday- it was in the mid 90's, and windy. That 112 mile bike ride must have been awful for most of them.

My oldest and I went to watch the swim portion yesterday morning. I can't believe she got up willingly to go at 6am. We could hardly see the swimmers for all the people there- there must have been several hundred people where we were alone. The bike part was much easier to watch- we just had to walk two blocks from our house. I just stood and clapped for the bikers- it truly amazes me to watch people who've worked so hard to be able to try and complete an Ironman, let alone one in 90+ weather.

Projects- you guessed it! Nada, zip, zilch done over the weekend. My other obsession took over; namely, reading. I could read all day long if given the chance. If only I could get paid to read- how sweet would that be? Maybe this week some progress will be made. I'm trying not to plan any more projects till I finish some. Need to get them done!

Kids are great! I actually got the twins to nap well today, and took the three to pick Sophie up from school. They wanted so badly to play with her on the school playground. Unfortunately there were tons of bigger kids that might knock over two year olds. It would be difficult to help/ chase them down with the baby slung on me as well. Maybe next time. They did enjoy wearing backpacks and playing Dora the Explorer in the backyard though. If I had Goodwin in the front pack maybe I could let them play at the playground- have to try that soon, but on a cooler day.

Wishful thoughts for cooler weather.


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