Monday, January 16, 2006

Beauty should not be cruel...

Oy Vey! I haven't posted since November- egads! Oh well, life goes merrily on it's way around here. I've got a 1920 version of "Zorro" on; it looks way cool in sepia, with grey/blue for night scenes.

Holidays- over, went well, don't want to drive all night with small children anytime soon.

Knitting- oh yeah, that. Actually, I finished DH's christmas present hat a few days ago. Debbie Bliss Cashmerino chunky in a dark greyish purple with an avocado green contrasting color. I'm very proud of it. It's soft, dense, and pretty, with a really cool decrease pattern on the top, that come to think of it, resembles a flattened octopus. His bare head is very appreciative.

New projects-
*Cotton washcloths. I'm using cheap cotton yarn- Sugar and Cream I think- and practicing patterns while making a cloth for each kid. Almost halfway done on L's purpley-blue waffle-weave (basket-weave) cloth. Soph's requested red, pink and white with a heart motif. I'll do my best. Sade's will be more pink based, and G-Dub gets blue, lime green and white. Not sure of what pattern for the last two- I've downloaded a ton of free patterns, so I'll just pick a couple that look interesting. It's a way to learn to read patterns better, without making a scarf. A friend crocheted dishcloths for me for christmas- I don't use dishcloths, but thought it'd be nice for a washcloth.
*Still with the hats. I'm about to rip out what I've done on a hat for Sadie that's to be felted; I'm just not sure anymore. Bleh- indecision can thwart project completion.
*More headbands for the girls. Shouldn't take too long. Pink and purple variegated Lorna's Laces- so nice!
*Um, might be taking a two night class on crochet flowers. I'd like to learn crochet, and flowers would be fun for the girls. We'll see if it's full, though.

Writing- Yeah, I suck. Must try harder.

We are accomplishing some new goals for us, though. Finally putting pics on the walls. I may finally make some valances for the living room. Planning meals better, and eating fish two times a week. Starting diet/exercise plan- can't blame baby weight too much longer. Ugh.

Must go- Zorro's trying to beat down oppression- gotta stick it to the man. You go, Z-boy!